Training solutions for your needs

The Institute has earned a worldwide reputation for delivering top quality, cost-effective and professional research, advice, project management, education and training throughout Australasia, Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific.

As a Category One registered Private Training Establishment, the Institute provides high-quality training and education in a range of subjects and industries, but we are possibly best known for our sports turf management.

We are the preferred supplier of training and educational products and services to the Asian Golf Industry Federation, Bowls New Zealand, Golf New Zealand, Guangzhou Hong Kong Jockey Club, Plant and Food Research, Primary ITO, and Sport New Zealand.

Educational Development

Our experience in reviewing and developing resources occurs in the context of a small company where cost-effectiveness is important, we bring this mind-set to development projects for external clients.

Despite our small size we are at the cutting edge of training design; our staff are constantly researching better ways of doing things. This means that we can see how new technologies work before they are widely adopted, or not adopted, as the case may be.

We use a wide range of tools to create our teaching, learning and assessment resources. From 3D modelling to photo editing; from print graphic design to interactive learning. We have access to technology tools that are appropriate to the chosen pedagogy and are well versed at using them.

We also have experience at creating physical props and models which we design specifically to support teaching and learning.

We believe that e-learning is broader than just online learning; it involves all use of technology tools that support teaching, learning and assessment. We have experience at using e-learning technologies in the classrooms as well as in the online environment.

Print and Graphic Design

We are experienced at communicating ideas by using graphics and illustrations and reader-friendly layouts.

Our educational developers are also competent graphic designers, which ensures that our finished products tell the intended message and are visually appealing. We understand how people like to read and interact with print materials and we design and lay out our publications according to these preferences.

Educational Delivery

Expertise built up through academic studies, research and practical application in the workplace equips our staff to cater to the full spectrum of needs. Our staff members have taught at universities and polytechnics and block courses, seminars and field days for vocational training organisations.

We are equally adept at delivering knowledge-based, or hands-on training, face-to-face or online, with a focus on industry best practice.

The Training and Education Division includes educational developers, project managers, administrators and managers. Our people are highly qualified and experienced in all aspects of educational review, design, development, delivery, evaluation and management.

“Our training is flexible; we are not limited to one place, one country or one format”