Written by Dr Andrew Mitchell, NZSTI – Research

NZSTI are pleased to announce that we are now offering the new Spectrum TDR350/150 moisture meters.

The TDR350 is a significant upgrade on the proven and reliable TDR300 moisture meter. The TDR350 now includes a new backlit LCD display with easy to use menu and modern looking telescopic tubular frame. But the biggest improvements are the inclusion of built-in GPS and Bluetooth units (optional extras in the old TDR300) and the addition of a USB port, allowing easy download of data and uploading of software updates. The new TDR350 still provides accurate measurements of volumetric soil moisture but it also simultaneously, measures soil electrical conductivity (EC), so can offer soil moisture readings adjusted for EC in profiles affected by high salt contents. Also, included in between the moisture probes, is a temperature sensor so provides a measurement of how hot the turf surface is.

The TDR150 is similar to the TDR100 in appearance except it now includes the new display unit. Along with volumetric moisture contents, it also measures soil electrical conductivity and soil surface temperature but, it does not have built-in GPS or Bluetooth (available as optional extras). However, unlike the original TDR100, the new TDR150 includes an inbuilt data logger.

The most convenient way to use the new TDR350 is to pair it with FieldScout mobile app and SpecConnect. The FieldScout mobile app is available as in basic or pro versions, the pro version allows you to overlay moisture and other data onto a Google Earth image. SpecConnect is a cloud-based system that means your data is automatically stored and available to view on your smart phone, tablet or office computer.

Average moisture level overlaid on Google Earth images of two golf greens.