September 17, 2021 | Here is a great article from the Orchardist about the TUPU Far North Workforce Initiative that we are a part of.
We are incredibly proud to be a part of this fantastic program! 
To read the full article, click here: The-Orchardist-July-2021-Tupu-programme

Things to consider regarding Tree Planting on the Golf Course

July 23, 2021 | Winter is the normal time for golf club members to undertake additional tree planting on the golf course. Unfortunately, many NZ golf courses are already over planted and trees often create significant on-going maintenance and playing issues.

Left: Shade issues delay opening of the course during winter when frosts occur. Right: Shading of a golf green, encourages disease and compromises turf health.

Before planting please consider the following:

1. Does your Club have an overall tree planting concept plan for your golf course which will provide long term benefits from a future planting programme or is it an adhoc process?.

2. Does the proposed planting form a genuine purpose (strategic, safety, aesthetics,) or is it (as is so often the case) just filling up a bare space? Bare space is actually a good thing on golf courses.
Over planting in the name of beauty often complicates and slows down play and can significantly increase course maintenance costs.

3. Does the proposed plant location have a strategic purpose? – that is will it support the given way(s) in which the hole is designed to be played?
Avoid the following:
a. Excessive (any planting) in the controlled rough unless it forms a strategic role.
b. Unfairly target high handicap golfers e.g. excessively narrowing fairways particularly within 120m (approx.) of tees.
c. Does it compromise the existing golfing strategy for a hole

Poorly located tree compromising play and intended hazard (bunker hidden behind tree).

4. Will the new tree(s) location compromise the health and management of the turf, particularly intensively managed greens and tees?
Plantings on the eastern and northern sides of turf areas should be avoided as they will have a major impact on shading as the trees get taller over time.

5. Select appropriate tree species…

– Golf courses are not arboretums/botanical gardens – it’s not a case of planting one of every type of tree – this simply results in a chaotic landscape. Select 2 – 3 suitably adapted tree types and repeat these throughout the course. For improved interest, specimen trees can be used as features in key areas (e.g. near a tee etc.).
– How will the chosen tree type affect golf – some plants such as Golden macrocarpas, golden totaras (particularly if located in close proximity to the fairways) are known ‘ball gobblers’ seriously slowing play. Others such as gums, cryptomerias, etc. are incredibly messy, dropping a lot of litter throughout the year.
– How big will the tree grow – it’s a shame to see large specimen trees (e.g. Redwoods etc.) have to be removed because no thought was given to their eventual size when they were first planted.
– Does the chosen tree like the growing environment (wind, frost, salt air, drainage, pH etc)

6. When planting trees:
a. It’s not an orchard – straight line or hedgerow type plantings are not natural.
b. There’s’ nothing wrong with a single specimen
c. If planting clusters of trees, do so in odd numbers
d. Consider maintenance
– Where are drains/irrigation located?
– Avoid planting patterns that require lots of handwork or convoluted, time consuming mowing patterns to look after.

Trees take a long time to mature, are expensive to remove and their adverse impact on turf quality/play can be significant. Take the time to locate new plantings correctly and avoid problems for future club management.

For any turf related queries, talk to our team at NZ Sports Turf Institute.

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      My Turf Portal contains tools and resources to help you manage your compliance requirements.

      The NZ Golf Environmental Compliance project aims to provide relevant information for land managers so they can better manage their compliance responsibilities with the various laws that relate specifically to land management.

      ​The main aim of these laws are to protect the environment. They have been grouped into six main areas:

      – Agrichemical Management
      – Fertiliser Management
      – Irrigation Management
      – Water Systems Management
      – Fuel Management
      – Construction

      My Turf Portal contains tools and resources to help you manage your compliance requirements.

      GMANZ / NZGCSA Summit & Fine Turf Seminar 2021

      June 23, 2021 | Last week the golf industry came together in a collaborative and effective way to share, learn and encourage each other at the GMANZ/NZGCSA summit and fine turf seminar.

      Two of our agronomists, Alex Glasgow and David Ormsby, presented seminars about environment focused management on golf courses and the benefits of using “my turf portal”, anyone wanting to access it can go to and register.

      Well done to NZGCSA and GMANZ and the team who hosted this fantastic summit!

      Have you read the TMJ?

      June 2, 2021 | New Zealand Sports Turf Institute publishes a quarterly magazine called the Turf Management Journal (TMJ).

      Since our beginnings in 1949, our team has taken pride in sharing relevant industry news and research information. What started as a newsletter for members more than 70 years ago is now a well recognised publication that is shipped around the globe and read by industry members far and wide.

      Each edition covers a range of turf industry topics and shares relevant turf advice from our team of agronomists. We also regularly interview interesting and knowledgeable industry members.

      Follow this link to our shop where you can sign up for an annual subscription to the TMJ wherever you are in the world! Digital subscriptions are also available!

      There's more to Putting than Green Speed!

      April 22, 2021 | Green Speed is a topic that never gets old! Here’s a great article from our Autumn 2013 TMJ that discusses this topic.

      Staff Learning at a recent Staff Seminar

      January 21, 2021 | Knowledge is crucial for success. Through the years NZSTI has built-up a large know how about testing and test equipment for natural and synthetic turf and synthetic playground surfaces.
      When it comes to knowledge and testing of sports surfaces in New Zealand, NZSTI proudly sits at the top and in 2021 we are committed to striving to expand on that knowledge and continue to deliver an unrivalled service.


      Seasons Greetings!

      December 23, 2020 | 2020 has been an unprecedented year for all of us, In March we, would never have imagined just how much would change for our company, our clients, New Zealand and the World.

      We would like to express our appreciation to all the hard working people in the turf and sports surfaces industry who have shown such great performance and resilience despite all the forced adjustments and we are beyond grateful for the strengthened relationships we have built this year.

      Though many changes had to be made, we would like to thank all our valued clients for your loyalty to NZ Sports Turf Institute.

      We will continue to strive to provide outstanding service for all our clients.

      Data Collection & Turf Management Decisions - Podcast

      December 23, 2020 | Listen to an excellent podcast by Dr Frank Rossi regarding data collection and turf management decisions.
      NZSTI offer a full range of data collection and performance testing using the latest equipment for both Natural and Synthetic Turf. Contact us to collect and map your data to inform your management decisions.

      Bespoke Training Solutions

      November 20, 2020 | Whilst we are probably more well known in the sports turf industry, NZ Sports Turf Institute and its wider team have significant expertise in horticulture and particularly in bespoke training solutions. So when we get an opportunity to combine them both, we embrace it.

      We are proud of our achievements to date and look forward to working with Te Taitokerau Trades Academy to bring even greater benefit to the students, stakeholders and horticulture industry in Northland.

      We take pride in Training!

      July 20, 2020 | The images below are of our current Level 3 students. They are busy undertaking a group activity identifying on site hazards for mowing and presenting their findings to the class – building on teamwork and oral presentation skills.

      These students have taken the opportunity to get a qualification in an industry that is fun and rewarding – and will always need people!!

      Have you considered a career in the Turf industry?

      Get in touch with us to learn more about our training programs!

      Vision for Asian golf industry now a reality

      New Zealand Sports Turf Institute (NZSTI), a member of the Labosport group, is pleased to announce its partnership with the Asian Golf Industry Federation (AGIF) in delivering the inaugural Certificate in Greenkeeping (CIG) programme, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – the first of its kind in Asia…

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      NZSTI Turf App

      The NZSTI Turf App contains practical tools to help you get the most out of your turf. These tools have been developed with the input of the agronomists here at the New Zealand Sports Turf Institute and have been tried and tested to ensure accurate results...

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      NZSTI Awards Scholarship

      NZSTI Training Manager Lindsay Roberston (left) with Megan Cushnahan (right) receiving her scholarship. The New Zealand Sports Turf Institute recently awarded a $3,000 scholarship to Megan Cushnahan to contribute towards her studies in Precision...

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      Waikato Bowling Greenkeeping Association

      Waikato Bowling Greenkeeping Association hosted their last field day for the year on Mon 6th of November. Members from both Waikato and Thames Valley Greenkeeping Association visited Hinuera, Matamata, Matamata RSA and Rewa Bowling Clubs, where a number of seasonal...

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      CNITMA hosted a field day in conjunction with Wairakei Golf Course, Sinclair Hogan and his staff on Tuesday 29th August , A huge turnout of 110+ delegates from Hawkes Bay, CNITMA, Taranaki. Wellington, Auckland and Manawatu regions. Some highlights from...

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      Central North Island Turf Managers Field Day

      NZSTI were delighted to participate in Central North Island Turf Managers Association field day at Hukanui Golf Club on Tuesday May 23rd. There was a fantastic turnout with over 30 members which included a high numbers of trainees. The day started with a presentation...

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      BNZ Field Day – Waikato

      Waikato Bowling Greenkeeping Association hosted a BNZ field day on Monday, May 1st. There was a fantastic turnout with 46 attendees, including members from Thames Valley Greenkeeping Association. The day started at Agrisea discussing benefits...

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      Nelson / Tasman Region Field Day

      On 22 March, Chris Gribben (NZSTI Agronomist) joined 20 attendees at Nelson and Marlborough Bowling Club greenkeepers field day held in Nelson/Tasman region. Throughout the day, they visited 4 Clubs - Riwaka, Motueka, Mapua and Ngawhatu Bowling...

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