Water Management


Irrigation is one of the most important “primary” turf management practices. Sustaining high quality turf is dependent on good irrigation management.  Unfortunately in practice, most turf irrigation is mismanaged. Common problems seen are:

  • Poor irrigation coverage resulting in uneven turf growth
  • Incorrect irrigation scheduling and resulting water wastage
  • Over irrigation which incurs unnecessary cost and reduced turf quality
  • Turf quality problems associated with over irrigation include; poor quality (soft) playing surfaces, increased disease activity, predominance of weed species and rootzone failure – all require expensive reconstruction.

NZSTI’s irrigation management services involve scientific analysis of all relevant variables and use of that information to design correct irrigation regimes. Variables considered include the turf grass species, rootzone characteristics, irrigation system application rate and uniformity, real time climatic data and turf quality requirements. The latest moisture sensors are used to assess soil moisture levels and determine pre and post irrigation targets.

With a correctly designed and implemented irrigation regime water use rates (and hence costs) will be minimised whilst providing the turf quality required sustainably.

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