Turf Ryegrass Cultivar Trials

Project: Turf Ryegrass Cultivar Trials

Client: Turf Grass supply companies

Services Provided:


NZSTI has a long history of undertaking ryegrass cultivar trials at its research site in Palmerston North or at various venues in the Auckland area.

The objectives of these trials were:

  1. To evaluate a range of ryegrass cultivars under wear, and no wear conditions.
  2. To provide participating seed companies with comparative information about the performance of their turfgrass varieties. The trials were typically intended to be maintained under normal council sports field conditions.

The latest of these trials was established at North Shore Golf Course and involves varieties from the four main sports turf seed supply companies. The trial includes 16 different varieties of ryegrass and excitingly, two are examples of new ryegrasses that are reported to have creeping properties. Each variety is replicated 4 times in a randomised block design and the trial is being grown on a full sand profile. The trial is being score monthly for density, texture and overall quality, with seasonal assessments of colour, percent living ground cover. Tolerance to wear will also be measured when winter wear is being applied and during the period of recovery from wear. Any weed invasion and disease or insect damage will be scored.

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