Soil Testing & Fertiliser Programmes


High quality turf surfaces do not happen by accident – correct nutrition is a vital contributor to this. NZSTI has in depth knowledge of the nutritional needs of a wide range of turf grass species and turf situations.

For example, the fertiliser requirements of a browntop golf green in Central Otago is completely different from a Kikuyu rugby field in Northland.

NZSTI provides a comprehensive range of soil testing and nutrition management services for turf grasses. This includes:

  • Soil fertility testing
  • Turf grass tissue testing
  • Soil and tissue test results interpretation
  • Fully detailed fertiliser programmes specifically designed for each situation
  • Nutrient Management Plans to meet statutory obligations
  • Related educational programmes (soil test interpretation and developing fertiliser programmes)
  • Soil test and fertiliser programme record keeping

Most importantly, NZSTI will ensure that you implement the most cost effective fertiliser programmes to achieve your turf quality and performance.

Alex Glasgow

Ph. 09 4150302

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