Shepherds Park – Sand Carpet Renewal & Wicket Block Installation

Project: Shepherds Park – Sand Carpet Renewal & Wicket Block Installation

Client: Auckland Council

Services Provided:

Sports Turf Management

NZSTI undertook a site investigation assessing the current asset condition and potential for re-use/upgrading requirements. NZSTI were commissioned to complete the design of the:

  • Drainage system
  • Irrigation system
  • New field levels including cut and fill calculations
  • Natural turf cricket wicket

Historically the field had been used as an orchard so a potential contaminated site investigation had to be undertaken. The field works included positioning an artificial wicket to increase the width of the No.1 Football field and to enable new floodlighting to be accommodated. Turfing of fields 2 and 3 ensured the available for full used in the first winter season.

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