Pukekohe Golf Club

Project: Pukekohe Golf Club

Client: Pukekohe Golf Club

Services Provided:

Sports Turf Management

Traditionally Pukekohe Golf Club renovate their greens twice a year in the spring and autumn. The possibility of avoiding renovation in the spring was very attractive as it will reduce disruption and increase opportunities for revenue generation via corporate events pre Xmas.

The club asked NZSTI to determine whether it would be feasible to eliminate the spring renovation from the programme. To determine this, NZSTI carried out a detailed investigation of all relevant factors. This included the condition of the rootzones plus the current fertiliser, sand top dressing, irrigation and green renovation practices. Having quantified all of the relevant variables NZSTI was able to design a greens management and renovation programme that would enable the spring renovation the spring renovation to be eliminated from the programme.

In addition to eliminating the spring coring the programme designed by NZSTI will ensure that the Club achieves their playing quality goals for the greens.

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