Product Testing


NZSTI has an excellent reputation for providing independent advice on all aspects of turf management. Our independence means NZSTI is well placed to provide unbiased assessments of products that are new to the turf industry. Over the years NZSTI have undertaken testing of a wide range of new products including testing the efficacy and safety of agrichemicals, new sand sources, turf protection products and turf machinery and equipment. Trials can be conducted using clients own protocol or designed to meet specific client requirements. Any trials conducted by NZSTI will always follow sound scientific principles of good trial design, including a minimum of three replicates of any treatments, an untreated control or ‘industry standard control’, randomisation of treatments, statistical analysis of trial result and peer review of trial reports.

Andrew Mitchell

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Fields 800 Sand Trial

A trial was conducted at NZSTI’s trial site in Palmerston North …