Orewa Bowling Club “C” Green

Project: Orewa Bowling Club “C” Green

Client: Bowls Orewa

Services Provided:

Construction & Development

NZSTI was engaged Bowls Orewa to develop a scope of works, negotiate the contract and perform quality assessment of the re-build of the ‘C’ synthetic bowling green at Orewa Bowling Club.

NZSTI did a site investigation and developed a scope of works which was issued to the potential contractors so an apples v apples assessment of the contractors could be performed. NZSTI were also involved in the negotiation of the contract for the green, working on behalf of Orewa, to make sure they got the best possible deal both in terms of price and what works were to be done.

At agreed points during the construction process NZSTI were invited to site to perform quality tests on levels and stability of the base works so that the Club and the contractor (Tigerturf) could have confidence that the base was sound.

Since the installation was completed by Tigerturf, NZSTI staff have performed the full World Bowls performance testing of the bowling green which passed with flying colours.

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