Okara Park Rugby Field Development

Project: Okara Park Rugby Field Development

Client: Whangarei District Council

Services Provided:

Sports Turf Management
Construction & Development

In preparation for the Rugby World Cup, a major re-development of the pitch at Okara Park in Whangarei was undertaken.  This included moving the pitch to accommodate a new grandstand. NZSTI’s role was to provide detailed specifications for the work and oversee the construction.  Parts of the existing sand pitch were able to be re-used, reducing the overall cost of the project to the Council.  To make this possible, the drainage and irrigation systems needed to be extended and the rootzone material carefully blended to ensure uniformity of performance.  The grass species in the pitch is couch (Cynodon sp.); this is the only stadium in New Zealand that uses this species and reduces the amount of water required to maintain the field.  The pitch has performed outstandingly well since completion.

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