Mercury Bay Sports Park Development


Project: Mercury Bay Sports Park Development

Client: Thames Coromandel District Council

Services Provided:

Sports Turf Management
Construction & Development

NZSTI was engaged to determine the reason(s) for poor establishment of couch on a new sports park development and provide options to rectify the problem. The project entailed:

Stage 1 – NZSTI completed a feasibility study as to the reasons for poor establishment of couch. This involved a detailed assessment of water quality, establishment methodology and pesticide residues. The later required a pot trial.

Stage 2 – Prepared specification for levelling and establishing a complete couch cover.

Stage 3 – NZSTI acted as the Engineers technical representative, providing site visits and sign-off assessment of completed fields.

Stage 4 – Prepared maintenance specification for the upkeep of the Couch fields.

The picture shows the re-turfing of isolated bare areas prior to handover.

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