Marlborough Cricket: Cricket Block Performance

Project: Marlborough Cricket: Cricket Block Performance

Client: Marlborough Cricket

Services Provided:

Sports Turf Management
Construction & Development

Marlborough Cricket engaged NZSTI to assess in-season block management, block soil profiles and to test organic matter accumulation in order to provide options for improving wicket performance. As part of this project NZSTI provided a guideline document for extending wicket blocks which enabled Marlborough Cricket to undertake planning and tendering in–house and with confidence that all aspects of this process have been covered.

With the benefit of numerous other organic matter testing results from cricket blocks around the country, benchmarking was possible that determined that organic matter levels were not a factor in the poor performance. Previous testing of these blocks also allowed organic matter levels to be tracked over-time, giving Marlborough Cricket an indication to the effectiveness of previous renovations, inform decisions on future renovations as well as give timeline as to when organic matter levels will start to negatively impact wicket performance and re-surfacing requirement.
The ability to assess and plan years in advance is a great benefit to the client in terms of budgets and ensuring good performing wickets are maintained.

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