Kings College No1 Field

Project: Kings College No1 Field

Client: Kings College

Services Provided:

Construction & Development

Kings College founded in 1896, is a world-class independent secondary school.  NZSTI developed quality sand overlay playing fields ready for use in pristine condition for Kings versus Grammar 1stXV match.

NZSTI laboratory carried out testing on materials utilised in the drainage to ensure suitability prior to use. This was followed by QA testing of materials delivered to site.  The project was completed on time and on budget: Fields were established to the required standard and ready for use at least 4 weeks before the required date. The total cost was significantly less than what the College initially budgeted.
Based on site knowledge and analysis, NZSTI determined that there was a lot of natural drainage capacity in the soil profile. This allowed design of a less intensive than normal drainage system that would deliver the drainage performance demanded. The system drains rapidly through installed drains and harnessing the drainage capacity of the soil. New alternative secondary drainage system (“Top drain”) was utilised leading to lower cost and lower disruption.

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