Hastings Golf Club


Project: Hastings Golf Club

Client: Hastings Golf Club

Services Provided:

Sports Turf Management

The Hastings Golf Club’s Bridge Pa golf course is a well respected long established golf course.

As a long established golf course it has many large, mature trees. Some of these trees are approaching the end of their life span – in fact a lot of old pine trees have been removed in recent years.  It is apparent to the club that more trees will need to be removed. Consequently now is an important stage in the golf courses life cycle.  Further tree removal will alter the golf course landscape. Hence it is vital to decide on a long term vision for the golf course landscape.

NZSTI’s golf course design and landscape specialist Alex Glasgow was asked to assist the club. As a first step in the process a site visit took place to view the course. Following discussions with club representatives a vision for the club’s golf course landscape was detailed in a report. The aim of the landscape vision document is to define what the golf course will look like, the role if trees in the landscape and the types of changes required to achieve the long term vision.

This is an initial high-level document that aims to establish a clear and long term vision for the golf course. Subsequently more detailed reports will be required for the step by step implementation.

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