Hamilton City Council Optimising Irrigation Practices

Project: Hamilton City Council Optimising Irrigation Practices

Client: Hamilton City Council

Services Provided:

Sports Turf Management

Hamilton City Council were required to prepare a Water Management Plan to support their consent application for taking water from the Waikato River. NZSTI was engaged, to quantify water use for irrigating the turf and compare this against theoretical water requirements.

Services Provided:

  1. Literature search to identify latest best practise strategies for irrigation
  2. Survey present water use and compare with weather data
  3. Audit automatic irrigation systems

Key findings were:

  • 30-40% savings in water were possible
  • Irrigation systems required fine tuning then and in the future to ensure their performance meets best practise
  • Importance of having access to weather data, such that informed use on water requirements can be made
  • Additional training

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