Glass Sand Green Construction Trial

Project: Glass Sand Green Construction Trial

Client: Glass Packaging Forum

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A trial was conducted at NZSTI’s trial site in Palmerston North using recycled glass sand and a control sand as root zone material in the construction and topdressing of six mini-greens, built using the perched water table methodology for putting green construction.

The objectives of the trial were to determine whether there were any issues with establishing a turf in recycled glass sand compared to the control sand and secondly to evaluate the performance of the turf being grown in the glass sand compared to the control sand. Each root zone mix was replicated three times and a browntop/fescue sward was grown within each mini-green. The trial ran for 2 years. The trial was also top dressed in the second year.

The trial demonstrated that recycled glass sand can be successfully used as a growing media in golf green construction using the perched water table methodology. Once established the turf performed similarly in the recycled glass sand to that growing in the control sand.

However, attention is required to ensure the particle size distribution of the recycled glass sand is uniform across all of the sand that is supplied for a job. Variations in particle size distribution can result in variable moisture contents within a profile which may affect the establishment and growth of the turf. In addition, the impact of the very fine glass sand fractions (very fine sand and silt and clay) on the moisture release and nutrient holding characteristics of recycled glass sand needs to be investigated further.

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