Counties Racing Toro Precision Sense 6000 Monitoring

Project: Counties Racing Toro Precision Sense 6000 Monitoring

Client: Counties Racing

Services Provided:

Sports Turf Management

Counties Racing is the first racetrack in New Zealand to use the Toro Precision Sense 6000 monitoring machine. In a single pass, the Precision Sense can monitor soil moisture, surface penetration, grass coverage and provide a GPS survey. Race tracks are large areas and the consistency of track conditions is paramount to the fair running and safety of thoroughbred racing. This revolutionary device enables accurate measurement of turf performance characteristics on a real-time basis. The data collected can be used to:

  1. Map moisture content to illustrate irrigation throw and uniformity.
  2. Survey contours of the site.
  3. Provide the percentage of grass cover on the track, identifying areas that require renovation/overseeding.
  4. Identify areas on the track where physical treatments are required to alleviate soil compaction/ reduce surface hardness.

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