Counties Racing Club

Project: Counties Racing Club

Client: Counties Racing Club

Services Provided:

Construction & Development

Disaster struck the Counties Racing Club when their cup meeting had to be abandoned after the running of one race. This was due to failure of a section of the course proper that had been reinstated by others following construction of a major stormwater line through the race course by Franklin District Council. Counties Racing Club approached NZSTI and requested us to undertake design and implantation of re-instatement of the repaired sections of the course proper.

NZSTI provided analysis of the reasons for the failure. We then produced a design for correct reconstruction of the sections of the course proper and then oversaw the implementation of the works by a contractor.

The works involved drainage installation, reconstruction of the soil profile and grass establishment. Since racing recommenced over the repaired sections there have been no concerns with the safety or consistency of the course proper.

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