Bruce Pulman Park

Project: Bruce Pulman Park

Client: Bruce Pulman Park

Services Provided:

Construction & Development

The project involved development of two entirely new full size cricket ovals (one with couch turf and one with rye grass / browntop), natural turf pitches and embankments.

In addition six winter sports pitches – all sand carpets with couch turf sward. Establishing effective drainage on the site was difficult due to lack of suitable outfall points, minimal elevation changes and peat soils. Drainage systems had to be designed with minimal falls and with a sump / pump to ensure drainage on some of the fields. In addition to development of the fields we established the maintenance programmes from “scratch” as there was no turf management capability or infrastructure on site in the early stages of the development.

The fields have been in use for several years now and have consistently provided high quality playing surfaces despite very high use levels.

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