Benchmarking & Performance Testing


Through performance testing and benchmarking, NZSTI agronomists will objectively evaluate the playing surface quality of natural and synthetic turf surfaces. NZSTI provides performance testing of synthetic services to several world sporting associations. NZSTI is one of only two laboratories in the world accredited to World Bowls for surface performance testing.

Turf performance testing include sportsfield quality and safety assessments. Such testing allows clients to objectively evaluate the current standard of facilities, define and monitor levels of service from maintenance contractors, bench mark quality over time and establish priorities for maintenance expenditure. In combination with turf maintenance consultancy this provides a mechanism to identify limiting factors to facility performance, inform maintenance strategies and evaluate the effectiveness of investment in playing surfaces. Sportsfield quality assessment is most effective when repeated at regular intervals (ideally six-monthly). Sportsfield quality standards can be used both to objectively define appropriate levels of service from contractors and to independently monitor performance against those standards.

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