Avon River Precinct


Project: Avon River Precinct

Client: OPUS International Consultants

One of the key Christchurch Rebuild projects is the re-development of the Avon River Precinct. NZSTI were engaged to provide construction and maintenance specifications to ensure the vision and high standards set for grassed areas were achieved. NZSTI are also on hand for the OPUS team to provide advice for any turf related queries that arise as part of this and other re-build projects.

The Avon river precinct re-development covers a 3km stretch of the Avon river within the CBD and includes some high profile sites such as Victoria Square, maintaining it all to the very highest standard was not practical. In working with the client NZSTI were able to categorise areas depending on the client’s expectations and expected traffic between areas, tailoring the maintenance specifications and repair methodologies so that time that ‘ground is under repair’ and subsequent disruption to the public is minimised.

Ensuring the on-going quality is paramount for the client. For this NZSTI put in place quality control/performance measures as part of the maintenance specification. This will enable rapid assessment by the client as well as assist maintenance contractors with the day to day decision making to ensure performance criteria are being maintained.

As with all large projects, things change, the major benefit of the category system NZSTI provided is that it can morph alongside any changes that occur without having to re-start from scratch.

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