About Us

New Zealand Sports Turf Institute (NZSTI) is a member of the Labosport group, an independent, world-class sports services organisation.

NZSTI is New Zealand’s only full service sports turf consultancy group specialising in research, training and advice relating to design and management of natural and artificial sports surfaces.

Founded in 1949, NZSTI is recognised as the “standard setting body” for turf maintenance and management. The Institute provides independent, scientifically based advice on all aspects of sports and amenity turf planning, construction and maintenance.

Training and Education is an important service. NZSTI agronomists provide teaching and extension services at universities, polytechnics and ground managers’ field-days and seminars in New Zealand and throughout Asia. Almost every golf course superintendent in NZ is a graduate of the Institute’s National Sports Turf qualification.

NZSTI publishes the New Zealand Turf Management Journal, New Zealand’s only dedicated turf management publication. This has an international distribution while also achieving full coverage of the New Zealand turf industry.

NZSTI clients include local government, contractors, schools, universities, sports stadia, golf and bowling clubs. NZSTI is the Agronomy partner for NZ Golf and Bowls NZ.

NZSTI has five regional offices in New Zealand, including the national Turf Training Centre in Palmerston North.